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01/17/2010 9:22am

Dale- The Website is fantastic! It is great you are making those wonderful colalrs available to everyone! They last forever!

Kyle Medcraft
01/17/2010 9:25am

These collars are wonderful. First having a Vizsla and trying to find a good collar that fits (less then 18 inches) is very challenging, but these collars at 14 inches are perfect. The construction is solid, this collar will last a long time. There are also little details in the collar that cannot be over looked; the leather on the inside is tapered so there aren't rough edges to rub your dog after several days of hunting, the sewing and the rivets are strong - there is zero chance this collar will break and color of the leather only gets better the more it is used.

You can not beat the price or the quality of this collar.

Brian & Rhonda
01/17/2010 10:54am

These collars are great - we purchased one and love it - we recommend this for all dog owners. Are Vizsala loves it!

Chris Engel
01/17/2010 12:07pm

Great idea Dale! Good luck with your new venture. As you know Lucy has had one these collars for some time. They're great.

01/18/2010 8:57am

Great site Dale! very detailed and I like the fact that custom designs can be made. The collar I got for my wirehair Baron has a fit and finish that are unmatched.

Donna Schauer
02/11/2010 11:00pm

Dale, Great Website, I think it is great you are making these collars available. I will be placing an order for Rudy soon. Thank you for everything!


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